Mujeres de Agua (Women of the Water)

Featuring female voices from the Mediterranean:
La Susi
Estrella Morente
Carmen Linares
Montse Cortes
Sandra Carrasco
La Shica
Yasmin Levy
Eleftheria Arvanitaki
Genara Cortes
Release date on UNIVERSAL MUSIC early 2011. details TBA

After traveling around the Mediterranean and getting to know some of the different cultures that flourish on its shores, I’ve now immersed myself in a world of sounds that are distinct but related, like branches of the same tree. Sometimes taking the form of a song, sometimes that of a traditional instrument, sometimes simply providing a source of inspiration, the Mediterranean and the voices of its women are the thread that binds together this album dedicated to women, especially those who, for whatever reason, are forbidden to sing. -- Javier Limón

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