Cindy Byram PR is a New York-based independent PR company specializing in global and Latin music and dance, with special emphasis on bridging mainstream and ethnic media. Projects include CD releases, concerts, festivals and other events in New York City and across North America.

Promoting the world's most important musicians, singers and dancers to the national media in the U.S. via CDs, tours and special events.

In addition, press junkets organized for festivals and events around the world, guaranteeing A-level coverage from U.S. media.

MISSION: Multi-lingual PR campaigns to expand North American audiences for the world's most unique performers.

ARTISTS: A wide-ranging roster of celebrated musicians and dancers, including whirling dervishes in the Arab Sufi tradition, Mexican folk ballet; Old and New World Latin singers, Persian classical music, Indian kathak innovations, flamenco funk, and more.